photo: Jon Green

Examples: Practice in action

The following video clips provide brief examples of creative work submitted as part of Masters and doctoral degrees in dance in Australia. Some examples document live performance in a more or less straightforward manner, while others provide views of an interactive performance and screen dance, where deliberate re-constructions of the digital medium have occurred.

These examples are indicative only, and are not intended to define or limit the kinds of creative works that candidates may develop. Our thanks to the artists who have agreed to contribute their work.

Living Lens: exploring interdependencies between performing bodies, visual and sonic media in immersive installation.

The video clip shows excerpts of a 20 minute piece conducted as the final project of my practice-led research PhD. The work is the collaborative outcome of a cross-cultural group of dancers, computer programmers, visual and sound artists, brought together to realise my aesthetic aim of developing an organic, fluid realm through body movement and digital technologies. An S-curve projection screen installed in the centre of the space created a performance environment that could be viewed from different angles yet could not be seen in its entirety. Working from the concept of 'poetic felt space',  I investigated an embodied visualisation approach derived from my training in Butoh, using poetic texts and pictorial images  to focus on minute movements and sensations in the body. This was explored in tandem with the dancers' own training in task-based approaches of contemporary dance-making.

Cutting choreography: redefining dance on screen.

The clip featured shows small sections of two dance video works made during my Master of Arts research period. My research explores mechanisms by which I can translate the kinaesthetic intimacy of dance and the body to the screen. In doing so I am drawing attention to the 'individual' experience, the emotional and psychological landscape which 'lives' in the physical landscape. I consider the role of choreographer as editor, and montage as the site for the realisation of my choreographic vision.

Inhabited Space: Exploring the abstract language of contemporary dance in order to create emotional states/nuances.

This study investigates how a choreographer, through the abstract language of contemporary dance, generates emotional states/nuances which can be recognised but at the same time allow for ambiguity in the reading of the work. This investigation was addressed through a series of performance projects, culminating in the final dance work Inhabited Space. The setting for the work, triggered by Bachelards’ The Poetics of Space, became the imagined spaces of a domestic urban environment, specifically the lounge and bedroom. In order to create a work reflecting emotional states and nuances, a range of choreographic processes were explored to inform the construction of movement vocabulary, framed by performer/space/object relationships.

Embryo: Korean 'Chung-soh' and Australian contemporary dance : a practice based investigation

This project investigated a characteristic concept of Korean culture, "Chung-soh", to develop an understanding a 'Korean-ness' in dance and of how "Chung-soh" informs cross-cultural dance processes involving Korean and Australian artists. At the same time the author developed her artistic identity through investigating and understanding her dance practice.